Az. Agr. Comparini


Each year we produce only 10-12.000 bottles from the best grapes of our vineyards.
After a careful grapes selection, the fermentation is made in small inox tanks without the addition of selected yeasts and without temperature control. The resulting wine is the best expression of the interaction between our territory and the season's climate.
Le Pietrine and Rinnegato wines age for 18-20 months in barrique before being bottled.

Our wines are only made from the grapes harvested in our vineyards and are entirely produced and bottled in our estate.

Azienda Agricola Comparini di Giovanna e Francesca Lucia Montepagani
P.zza della Vittoria 27, 50053, Empoli (FI), ITALIA
P.IVA 06221440487